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Anal Sex

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We all know the moment we hear the words, “Anal Sex” there are loud gasps, playful giggles and shocked expressions that are worthy of being portrayed in daily soap operas. It’s time to break the taboo and set fire to those satin sheets.

Though, you must have seen the thrusting and rough ways of anal sex in porn, it’s not exactly how we have to enjoy itThere are various stories on how anal sex has gone wrong. But, if you don’t do it the right way, you are bound to do it wrong. Simple!

Trust me! I have enjoyed it on many occasions. I never knew I could orgasm till I tried anal sex.

So, let’s talk about the must-do and complete no-no of anal sex


Let’s talk? Communicate to your partner and ask whether they would be open to the idea of anal sex. Trust is essential in any relationship. It’s teamwork when it comes to anal sex and not a one man show

Clean-Clean – It’s always best to take a shower and clean yourself. You can invite your partner to do hanky panky in the shower before you get down to business. Give yourself an enema by using water and other devices. Douching is very important before anal sex.

Use lots of Lube – The anal canal doesn’t naturally produce any sort of lubrication to help ease penetration. Hence, it’s best to use a lot of lube before anal penetration.

Breathe and relax – It’s good to breathe while the penetration is going to happen. This is because you don’t want to feel pain when you are getting penetrated. Relaxation is the technique. Everything is going to be fine. You might feel like you want to go to bathroom, but just go with the flow.

Safe sex is the key to better future – Riding bareback just works in porn and movies. But, we need to be concerned about our health. There are high chances to get cuts because the skin is thinner. So, protection is the best - ALWAYS.


Don’t thrust, you aren’t a porn star – Of course, you aren’t a porn star. You are doing this for pleasure. Don’t enact what you see in porn. Please be gentle and go slow. You need to ease your way in and not hurt your partner in the process.

Never ever skip foreplay – Foreplay is the best part of having sex. If you skip that and go straight to anal, you are SELFISH! Make your partner feel good and let the magic of foreplay do the talking. You will see the difference when you get to the sex bit. Both the partners will enjoy.

Poppers – I have nothing against using poppers. But, it is just a drug used to inhale before anal sex and supposedly, it reduces the penetration pain. Bullshit! I have tried it and got bored with it. Well, that’s because I have tried anal without it and it’s amazing.  

Well, these are the necessary things that you have to do when you do it from backdoor and keep in mind, the Don’ts. The key to any kind of sex is pleasure for both the partners. So let’s keep that in mind. Enjoy while it lasts.


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