Gift ideas for Bachelorette parties

Gift ideas for Bachelorette parties

05 Dec 2016 Adolab Collaborator

So you have the perfect bachelorette/bridal shower planned but are still racking your brains about what to get the bride-to-be. Whether you're planning a mellow get-together or a lively night on the town, below are some fabulous gift ideas that’s sure to make the party - and her upcoming nuptials - an unforgettable experience!

Edible Underwear

Sexy Candy Bras
Yes, you heard us right. Underwear that’s edible! From sexy
candy bras to tasty nipple tassels - these naughty edible gifts are sure to bring about a quirky twist to any relationship.

Handcuffs & Blindfolds

Furry Handcuff
No bachelorette party is complete without a set of
furry handcuffs. If you think the bride to be might get a bit intimidated with those, try lace ones instead. Combine the handcuffs with a lace or satin blindfold, for a kinky twist.

Bucket List for the Bride to be

The ‘
100 Things To Do Before you Get Hitched’ bucketlist is ideal when the bridal shower is being hosted a month or two in advance. A mix of naughty, sweet, funny as well as sentimental - this bucket list covers almost everything under the sun to make the bride’s life that much more eventful.

Naughty Gift Box

Naughty Gift Box
If you want to gift the bride to be an assorted number of gifts, then we’ve got the perfect options for you. The
Naughty Bachelorette Box has party accessories, games, naughty gifts for the bride and more. Alternatively, opt for the Spunky Wedding Hamper if you’d like to gift something more sensuous - it’s got everything a newlywed couple would need to make their honeymoon romantic and a little kinky.

Party Accessories

Party Accessories
Gifts are not just meant to be for the bride to use after the wedding right? Pick out fun party favours to set the mood for a crazy bachelorette party. If you’re having a shindig at home, then serve up cocktails with these funky and colourful
penis straws! Buy bachelorette badges and let your guests pick them out for each other - the only rule: they have to wear them throughout the evening, no matter where you go!

So there you have it. Fun gift ideas for any bachelorette party. If you’d like to know more about how you can kick things up a notch, here are
3 fun ways in which you can boost any bachelorette party.


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