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Pillow Talk with Ankit

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Every month Lovetreats interviews real people ages 18+, from our very own Indian cities, about their sex lives. We have 6 standard questions and many different answers! Unabashed, fun, weird, happy, cute, or super shy – whatever your answers are, we want to know. We want to keep sex and sexuality on the table to discuss. Consider Pillow Talk a regular reminder that sex is all about fun, respect, intimacy, and yeah, a little bit of kink.

Ankit is a 29 year old male from Bangalore who loves FIFA, graphic novels and in 'married' to his PS4.

When was the last time you had sex?
I would like to say last night. But since I am virtually married to my PS4 (haha) I haven't gotten any action in weeks. Gaming can be such a c*ckblocking addiction.

What was your first time like?
With my girlfriend in college. I was trying to be too cool I think. I came within seconds of entering her but she was nice - I think it was more pity than anything else though, the more I think of it.

What's the weirdest moment you've had in bed?
I don't know if it was 'weird' as much as it was pleasurably unusual. But one time my gf fingered me while giving me a blow-job - I asked for it. But I don't know if I enjoyed it. Does this count? I feel so inexperienced.

Have you ever used a sex toy before?
A vibrating ring. Want to experiment with bondage.

What's the juiciest sexual fantasy you are willing to admit?
Just your typical two women and me threesome fantasy.

Give us your best sex tip or advice!
Go down on your woman!

Loved Ankit's Pillow Talk interview? Want to give us your own answers? We'd love to hear from you! Just follow this link, fill out the completely anonymous questionnaire and let the rest of the country learn and enjoy! Anonymity guaranteed. We only use a proxy name and only use gender, age and city in all our interviews!

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