• Furry leather collar
  • Furry leather collar
  • Furry leather collar
  • Furry leather collar

Furry leather collar

By Yoni

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Ultimate Submission

Collars are a simple yet effective way to experiment with power exchange. BDSM has a lot of elements and techniques for power exchange but a collar is traditionally a very strong sign of submission that shows you are fully surrendering to the dominant person.

This collar is leather on the outside and fur-lined on the inside making it comfortable and practical. There is a metal ring on the front of the collar that can be used for attaching a variety of toys or used to attach and leash that can be used for leading the wearer throughout the scene. The adjustable style fastener makes it versatile and good for people of many different sizes.

If you and your partner are experimenting with BDSM, a collar is an easy and versatile tool that is a great addition to any BDSM toy chest. 


How to Use

A collar works like any regular necklace or choker. Begin by opening the collar by releasing the fastening strap. Next, wrap the collar around the wearer's neck. The adjustable fastener makes it easy to find the right tightness and fits a variety of sizes. Be sure not to fasten the collar too tight as it can restrict the airway and cause harm.


Expert tips

  • The major draw of collars is to engage in a clear power exchange. Don’t be afraid to embrace the power exchange. It can be a weird concept at first but embracing that feeling and really allowing yourself to be fully present during the scene will allow you to enjoy the experience more. Be sure to openly communicate with your partner throughout the scene if anything makes you uncomfortable, or you would like something to stop. Open and clear communication is the basis of any successful BDSM scene.

    Care Guide

    1. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the collar.
    2. Submerge the collar into the soapy water and gently wash the leather and the fur.
    3. Leave the collar open and hang it to dry.
    4. Do not put the collar in the washer or dryer as it may cause damage to the fur or the leather. 



    Length each belt: 24cm and 37cm
    Width: 3cm
    Center metal ring Diameter: 3.5cm
    Number holes on the fastening strap: 9
    Material of Fur: Polyester

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