• Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs
  • Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs
  • Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs
  • Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs
  • Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs

Furry Leather Ankle Cuffs

By Yoni

Shipped from within India.

INR 1,499.00


A perfect balance of comfort and restraint.

Ankle cuffs are a great addition to any BDSM toy collection. If you are familiar with handcuffs you will know that they are a very versatile toy that can be used in a variety of different ways. The same goes for ankle cuffs. Ankle cuffs also have the benefit of being able to be used in combination with almost every other type of sex toy. These leather ankle cuffs are lined with fur for the perfect amount of comfort and security. The adjustable straps make them perfect for almost any size of ankle. These ankle cuffs also feature metal rings so they can be used with other bondage toys such as hogties and handcuffs. Leather ankle cuffs are a great option for people who do not like the harsh bite of metal ankle cuffs on their skin. You can order yours now and have them shipped across India with our 100% guaranteed discreet delivery service.


Length of center chain:  7cm
Length of the cuff when opened:  22cm
Width of the cuff: 8cm
Number holes on the fastening strap: 7
Material of the fur: Polyester

How to use:

Similar to handcuffs, ankle cuffs are extremely easy to use. Begin by having a discussion with your partner to determine how experienced you both are with bondage and what your likes and dislikes are. This is important to understand how best to use the ankle cuffs and to ensure there is a clear line of communication open between you and your partner. Next, you will open each of the ankle cuffs. One at a time, take each cuff and wrap it around one ankle to your desired tightness. The adjustable fastening strap makes it easy to find the perfect tightness. There is a center chain that clips each ankle cuff together. You can either remove this if you are using an additional toy such as a hogtie, or if you want to try different positions. The center chain is also easily released if you need a quick separation when you are playing. Ankle cuffs are safe and easy to use. Be sure to keep an open line of communication between you and your partner whenever you are engaging in BDSM play.

Expert Tips: 

  1. Ankle cuffs are great because they are easy to use and easy to adjust. Be sure to experiment using different positions. Get creative and think outside the box. Also, consider using by adding additional toys to the scene. Toys like dildos, wands, and other vibrators make great additions to bondage play scenes. The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment while using your ankle cuffs.
  2. Get creative with things in the room. There are many options for restraint play that involves being restrained to a stationary object. For example, bed posts or frames, headboards, and chair backs are all great places to experiment with bondage play using ankle cuffs.

Care Guide:

  1. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the ankle cuffs.
  2. Submerge the ankle cuffs into the soapy water and gently wash the leather and the fur.
  3. Leave the ankle cuffs open and hang them to dry.
  4. Do not put the ankle cuffs in the washer or dryer as it may cause damage to the fur or the leather. 

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