• Furry Leather Blindfold
  • Furry Leather Blindfold
  • Furry Leather Blindfold
  • Furry Leather Blindfold

Furry Leather Blindfold

By Yoni

Shipped from within India.

INR 980.00


Sensory Deprivation with Luxury Comfort

Soft fur and flexible leather provide an exquisite touch and feel while completely eliminating sight. This blindfold offers the perfect combination of comfort and coverage, it is a must-have piece for any BDSM toolkit. Combine it with other BDSM toys or simply use it on its own.

One of the thrills of being blindfolded is that you don’t know what your partner is going to do next. One of the best ways to build on that excitement is by taking your time! 

Blindfolds are a great first step into the world of BDSM. Offering the chance to encourage communication and increase pleasure, blindfolds ease you into BDSM or help guide you further into your journey by enhancing experiences. The soft leather, soothing fur, and easy-to-use elastic strap help provide a comfortable and simple experience from start to finish.


How to use

There are plenty of ways to have fun with a blindfold. By eliminating sight, you are able to focus more on the pleasure and sensations your body is feeling. Simply slide the blindfold over the eyes. The elastic band should fit snug to the head, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. There should be no excessive pressure on the eyes or the face. It is important to communicate with your partner while using a blindfold to make sure they are still enjoying the experience. Be sure to establish a clear way to communicate before your begin using your blindfold.


Expert Tips

  • Building anticipation is a great way to make things fun and keep things hot. Try kissing different places in different patterns, or maybe try to make it seem like you’re planning something but then surprise them with something else. While these experiences would be completely different while you can see, being blindfolded makes the experience unpredictable and exciting.
  • Make sure to always talk to your partner about likes and dislikes before starting to use your blindfold, and be sure to keep constant communication with your partner to make sure everyone is still enjoying the experience.
  • Experiment with different textures. Ice, feathers, floggers, and fur are all great textures to play with that will help your partner experience the heightened sensation of touch that comes from having no sight. Be sure to communicate with your partner while exploring these textures to make sure they are enjoying the experience and that you’re both on the same page.

    Care Guide

    1. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the blindfold.
    2. Submerge the blindfold into the soapy water and gently wash the fur and the leather.
    3. Hand the blindfold to air dry
    4. It is best to hang the blindfold using a clothespin instead of the elastic band as it can cause it to stretch over time.
    5. Do not put the blindfold in the washer or dryer as it may cause damage to the fur.



    Length of blindfold:  23 cms
    Width of blindfold: max - 10cm, min - 8cm
    Length of elastic: 28cm
    Width of elastic:0.5 mm
    Other: Double elastic
    Material of Fur: Polyester

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