• Black Silicone Anal Beads by Yoni
  • Black Silicone Anal Beads by Yoni
  • Black Silicone Anal Beads by Yoni

Black Silicone Anal Beads by Yoni

By Yoni

Shipped from within India.

INR 1,899.00


High Quality Silicone Beads For Anal Stimulation

Elevate your pleasure to new heights with our new high quality silicone anal beads, designed to intensify your orgasms. With three beads of varying sizes, you have the freedom to customize your experience and discover the perfect pace for ultimate satisfaction.

Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, our anal beads offer a tailored journey of pleasure. The smaller beads in the front are ideal for novice users, providing a comfortable introduction to anal stimulation. The bigger beads at the back are perfect for those seeking a more advanced experience. Even experienced users find delight in using these beads as a warm-up tool, as the twisting and turning motion allows for precise and targeted stimulation. Plus, the large pull ring ensures easy and safe removal, providing a secure grip.

Featuring a sleek and pointy tip, our anal beads make insertion effortless and pleasurable. By manipulating the beads, you can deliver that special treatment to the prostate, unlocking intensely satisfying sensations. Crafted from soft and smooth silicone, these beads are not only pleasurable but also easy to clean, ensuring hygienic use every time.

Discover the joy of tailored sensations and indulge in deliciously intense experiences. Order now and enhance your intimate moments like never before!

How to use

Fully cover the beads with lube. Start by gently rubbing the tip around your anus and carefully insert the beads one by one. Listening to your body and responding to discomfort is vital for novice users. Enjoy!

Expert Tips

Ladies, try using dildos, vibrators, and even your hands to supplement your anal beads. Gentlemen, pair the anal beads with a male masturbator. There are no words for what this can feel like.


  • Anal beads with seven differently sized connected balls, a tapered head for comfortable insertion and a loop handle for easy removal. Made from medical silicone.
  • Height:  30 cm
  • Insert. Length:  20 cm
  • Max Diameter: 3.5cm
  • Min Diameter: 1.5 cm
  • Waterproof
  • Made of silicone
  • Easy to clean 

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