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Whether it’s India or outside, the notion that bigger penises are a marker of a great sex life and, by association, of manhood has been perpetuated with locker room conversations and myths. However, after speaking to twenty-somethings who have been sexually active it was clear that very few people actually believe that a bigger penis is better able at pleasuring a woman.

Bigger is definitely not better. There's a sweet spot for penises too. If you're too big, oral sex is difficult and being rough can lead to actual bruising. Also finding XXL condoms in India is a nightmare,” said 28-year-old Vivek D from Bangalore. He wasn’t the only man to dis the myth that bigger is better.  

Twenty five year old Mayank A from Kolkata thinks that penis size doesn’t matter “unless it was way too inadequate”, which he defined as a penis that was only an inch long. “It matters how you use it, which is more important than the length. Also, I know a girl who complained that bigger penises hurt a lot.” This thought is what united most women who were interviewed. 

Swarnima B, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from New Delhi, said, “Penis size doesn’t matter to me personally. In fact, I prefer smaller penises because it’s more comfortable. And they are also easier during oral sex.” She also found that smaller penises were easier from the point of view of hygiene. Women were more or less concerned about the pain that a bigger penis would inflict during penetration.

Smaller penises, said Anamika E, 25, a production assistant from Mumbai, wouldn’t make me gag and some men want their entire penis taken in, in a deepthroat situation. Another 25-year-old, Tanvi P, from New Delhi, in fact held a grouse against men with bigger penises.

“Guys with bigger penises think they have aced their game by virtue of being bigger, which is not true. It’s more about the foreplay, afterplay and how well they understand my body,” she said.

However, not every women who was interviewed believed that the size doesn’t matter at all. Arunima R, a 26-year-old advertising executive, believes that one inch more or less than the average Indian size, believed to be around 6”, is a good size. However, anything more or less than that wouldn’t be satisfying.

On the other end of the spectrum, was a 27-year-old writer from Bangalore, Rushali P, who said, “Short ones don’t give the kind of pleasure that big ones do obviously. However, if the guy knows how to use it then it can be a joy ride. I’ve been with some men who have big penises but obviously don’t know how to use it and after a while it’s so boring!”

Women and men interviewed in metro cities of India debunked the myth that bigger penises led to more pleasure and majority of them believed that penis size did not matter or that an average-sized penis was more than adequate. 

Written by Asmita Sarkar

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