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Glow in the Dark Condom (3 pieces)

By Danatoys

Shipped from within India.

INR 299.00


Prepare for a night to remember!

Please note: Condoms need to be exposed to light for 30 seconds to enable glowing effect!

It sounds crazy, but it's true: These imported condoms from Denmark glow in the dark! In order to make these condoms glow, you need to expose them to light for about 30 seconds, so for the best results keep the light on bright while you put on the condom.

  • Standard size, lubricated condoms (3 pieces)
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Imported from Denmark
    How to use


    In order to glow, these condoms need to be exposed to light for about 30 seconds. You can choose to light it up on three ways: While the condom is still in its wrapper; when you are putting on the condom; or after it is already on.

    Make sure the reservoir at the tip of the condom is pointing in the right direction before putting it on. Squeeze the tip to let out air, and gently roll it down. If anything goes wrong, make sure to start over with a new condom! Use silicone or water based lubricant during intercourse to prevent dryness, even with lubricated condoms.


    Never use condoms with oil based fluids like massage oils as they will make them porous!
    Don’t store condoms together with sharp objects, e.g. in your wallet.

    Expert Tips

    Put a drop of lubricant on the head of the penis before putting on a condom for a smooth experience.

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