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Passion and excitement fade in relationships. For long-term couples, sex starts to feel predictable, like a routine, especially if both of you are leading stressful or busy lives. However, sex is immensely important for relationships as well as beneficial for our health. Additionally, it cannot be enjoyed completely without passion and, unfortunately, passion is hard to come by these days. Why? Because love requires time, devotion, and experience to reach full bloom, to transform into respect.

So do not give up! There are ways to liven up your love life and rekindle the fire, all it takes is a little creative effort. Romance is all about thoughtfulness, little thoughtful gestures which show your partner you cherish them. And remember, each couple has their own unique outlook on what romance is - which is something you should explore together! Our products are here just to get your creative juices flowing.


Working all day at the office or raising a family can be time-consuming. When you are done with your job for the day, there is hardly any energy left in you to think about romance, let alone get busy, right? But the moment you stop seeing your partner as a lover should be your wake up call. It means you’ve lost something precious in your relationship - intimacy. So you can either come to terms with the stalemate of your intimacy or make a decision to actually do something about it.

Remember, even small gestures can be the spark you need, such as:

1.Send lustful text messages during the day. Make an effort to think of your partner and show him or her some unsolicited love
2.Give out sexually loaded compliments, out of the blue.
3.Show your physical affection with more audacity.



Acting out fantasies and exploring the unknown together can be an enriching experience for couples. Remember, all it takes is trust and a little courage! Make a comfortable space where you can exchange the ideas and just build the story together. Do it to extend your repertoire, to create some fantasies into realities together. You deserve to make each other happy.

Acceptance and understanding during communication are key so make sure you have the same starting point before considering playing your bedroom games. Sexual maturity means knowing how to put trust in someone to increase the feeling of intimacy. Sometimes all it takes is thinking just a little bit outside of the box.

And if you really want to break your shell, try:

1.Engaging in role play.
2.Playing a commercial sex game.
3.Soft bondage and light power play.
4.Commenting on people’s physical appearance together.
5.Just having lots of fun.

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