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Lovetreats Guide to: Using a Fleshlight

How to Use a Fleshlight

A quick guide on on how to use and take care of your fleshlight

If you’ve bought a Fleshlight on Lovetreats recently (or are planning on buying one), you might have a few questions about your new toy. Here’s a quick guide which talks about how to use and take care of a fleshlight.

How to Use a Fleshlight

A Fleshlight is a portable, discreet, sturdy male masturbation device. It has a gel insert, made from soft silicone material which gives a feeling that is amazingly lifelike. While it is tempting to grab your Fleshlight and just go at it, a little bit of preparation before hand can help you achieve a much more satisfying orgasm.

  • Remove the silicone insert and clean it before use.
  • When you’re ready to start using your new toy, lubricate yourself, the entry of the fleshlight and the inner portion of the insert / tunnel.
  • Once you’re lubed up and ready to go, slide in and start enjoying yourself!

    Tip: DON'T use silicone lube with your Fleshlight: always use water-based lube.

    Fleshlight Tips & Tricks

    There are are variety of positions and methods that you can try out.

    On your back: Lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your penis. Try teasing the head of your penis with the Fleshlight opening before penetrating the full length of your shaft.

    On your front: Position the Fleshlight under a pillow and penetrate as you would in the missionary position with a partner.

    Use Suction: On most Fleshlight models, there is a hole which can be used to create suction. Peel off the label which covers the hole and use your fingers to control airflow into the device. This manipulates the suction of the toy and is perfect to create exciting sensations.

    How to Take care of Your Fleshlight

    • After every use, remove the insert from the casing and clean it with warm water. Avoid using harsh soaps or cleaning liquids as this can damage the material.
    • Alternatively, you can buy a toy cleaner designed especially for sex toys. Spritz on some of the cleaner on the toy and then thoroughly wipe it down.
    • Wait for the toy to dry completely before putting the insert back inside the casing.

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