• Water based Personal Lubricant: Yoni Lubricant by Yoni
  • Water based Personal Lubricant: Yoni Lubricant by Yoni

Water based Personal Lubricant: Yoni Lubricant by Yoni

By Yoni

Shipped from within India.

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The one-for-all lube

This no-nonsense lubricant (50 ml bottle) should  be a staple in your bedside drawer! Use it alone, with a partner, or combine with your favourite sex toys for a smooth feeling and easy gliding. This water-based lube is made from high quality, hypoallergenic ingredients and uses a proven formula without perfumes. It is skin-friendly, oil-free and silicone-free, making it safe to use on intimate areas. Silky to the touch, it washes off very easily with water, leaving no stickiness at all.

Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Quantity: 50ml
  • Medical grade ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Panthenol, Benzoic Acid
  • Made in India in ISO certified factory
  • Safe to use with condoms and sex toys

Infographic: Product highlights of Yoni Lubricant

How to use

Warm up the lubricant in your hands before applying it on intimate areas. It can be used for massages as well as during sex, masturbation and while using sex toys. When you're done, simply wash it off with water. Safe to combine with sex toys as well as condoms.

Expert Tips
  • Lube is not only helpful for making penetrative sex more pleasurable, you can also use it for a smooth feeling during fingering, massaging, hand jobs or oral play.
  • Use lube when you masturbate - Yes, even sex with yourself can be improved with lube!
  • Use plenty of lube for any type of anal play - the anus does not self-lubricate (unlike the vagina), so it's extremely important to keep things wet with the help of a good lubricant.

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