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11 #NaughtyNotes To Send To Your Lovers

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Sometimes, we fall into a rut when it comes to our sex and love lives. The key to keep the fire alive is to keep trying new things, use the ones that work for both of you and discard the ones that don’t. Soon you’ll learn that there are a lot of things that “work” in the sense that they make your love life a lot more exciting, they make sexy times more the right-kind-of-messy.

Here’s something simple you can do to keep your relationship-tingles alive: send your partner dirty texts or sexy thoughts that you have through the day. Don’t limit your sex to when you’re actually, physically having sex. The beauty of sex is that you can be having it all the time and people around you won’t even know especially in this hyperconnected day and age.

We’ve compiled a series of “sexy thoughts” in these #NaughtyNotes for you so that you can get started right away. Send them to your lovers to start a fire.













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