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Very often, men have some somewhat misguided views regarding the business of pleasuring a woman. Let's just say not all you see in porn is true

1. Her Sex Drive Can Match Or Exceed Yours

We all know the 'headache' excuse. Don't let it trick you into thinking that women have less of a sex drive when compared to men. Some women deal with stress and winding down through other activities, while men might be happy to let go of a long day with a good romp in the sack. If you're in the mood for some nookie, take it slow, whisper some sweet nothings in her ears and give her a massage. Also, talk to her about times in the day she feels randy. You'll be surprised at how much you might need to keep up once you figure out how to sync your schedules.

Sex Drive

2. Sex Doesn't Stimulate Her Most Important Pleasure Spot

The clitoris and the entrance to the vagina have many nerve endings compared to those deeper inside the vagina so use this knowledge to your advantage. The point is to give her pleasure, so stick to the pleasure zones: the outside entrance to the vagina, the G-Spot, which is located 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall and, of course, the clitoris which is THE most important pleasure spot for most women. Intercourse is great, but a woman's most sensitive nerves are bundled in the clitoris, and sadly, it usually doesn't get stimulated by vaginal sex. So make sure you dedicate some time to her clitoris with your mouth or your fingers and some lube. Use sex toys like a small vibrator on the areas around her clitoris to stimulate and get her on the edge of the bed in anticipation. 

Her Important Pleasure

3. She Doesn't Want Sex To Last Forever

Don't believe the noise: Being wise is knowing when to sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don't blow your rep by trying to prove yourself. You can take it slow, but you don't have to make an entire night out of it. Women want lovers, not machines. And, as mentioned above, there are more effective ways of stimulating her major erogenous zones than intercourse!

4. Morning Sex Can Excite Her As Much As It Does You

Morning wood can be accounted for one of the top five reasons women have been rudely awoken in the morning for centuries. Often it is safely ignored by the not-so-keen woman by pretending to be asleep. If you want to try a different approach, nudge her awake, give her a wink to communicate your desire to please her, and then softly kiss her erogenous zones like her neck. Carefully read her body language to see if she is in the mood for more. Take a little time, and the morning laziness will vanish if you're lucky. If your lady is not a morning person at all, try making her breakfast in bed and then slowly set the mood for more, e.g. by giving her a sensual massage.

Morning Sex

5. She’s Secretly Delighted by Your ‘Orgasm Face

You guys might have a private joke about your orgasm face (or grunt), and she might even giggle. But rest assured, watching you come makes her just as happy and satisfied as you get when you pleasure your girl. Sometimes, she won’t care if she climaxes during sex; good sex can also mean watching her partner get all the pleasure. Don’t take that as a free ticket to cutting quality foreplay time with your partner!

Written by Sushmita

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