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Fantasizing about a one-night stand? With online dating apps the norm, it's easier than ever to make it a reality. Here's how to make casual sex memorable.

Online Dating

Choose wisely.

Go home with someone you’re not desperate to see again but wouldn’t be horrified to run into another day. (The world is tiny. Eventually, you will run into most of your former sex partners.)

Don’t make a porno.

You know how the typical porn goes: vague groping, blowjob, penetration, 2-3 sex positions, money shot, done. Remember, you’re not collecting a paycheck at the end of this, so you don’t have to follow the script. Instead…

Do what gets you off.

Don’t feel like penetrative sex? That’s cool. See what your partner can do with their hands. Need a vibrator to get off? Bust it out and hand it to your new friend. Want your partner to talk dirty to you in a bad French accent? You lose nothing by asking. Then, give as good as you get. Remember: you’re both here for sex. Why not have the best sex you can have?

Chill out about your boner (or boner equivalent).

Whiskey dick? Happens. Not as wet as you’d like? Lube exists. The only way your misbehaving genitals will ruin your night is if you let them. Save the existential crisis for something worth stressing about. 

Know your acceptable level of risk and what you will do about it.

Don’t become one of the many people Googling, “i had sex with someone and now i have an itch am i going to die?”  Read up on the STIs out there, how they’re transmitted, and what you can do to mitigate your risk, and then make informed choices about what you’re comfortable with. You’ll have more fun if you’re not stressing out about the threat of some nebulously dreadful disease.

Be a good host.

Treat your guest like a guest if you end up back at your place. If it gets late, offer them crash space. If you split an Uber across town to get to your place, offer to split the cost of their trip home. If things get sticky (in a fun way), have a clean towel available. 

Be a good person in general.

Resist the temptation to prove that you’re not clingy by being rude or dismissive. You don’t have to pour your feelings out to them but behave so that you won’t be mortified when you (inevitably! I Cannot stress this enough!) run into each other again.

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