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Sometimes the sparks just fly in all the right ways. Eight people shared the stories of the best sex they ever had.

1. Kinky on the Inside

"My best was with a woman I had a short relationship with. We used to have sex all night until the sky was turning that deep blue color, then we'd sleep for a few hours and start again when we woke up. One day I told her about a sex toy I had read about, remote-controlled vibrators, and she was at first in disbelief but was super curious. The next time I went over for drinks with her friends, she passed me a small remote and whispered to me that what it controlled was already inside her. So for the duration of the evening I would occasionally press the button and watch her reaction. When we finally did go to bed she was practically feral; we had really great, aggressive/passionate sex that night, that just left us both insensate; sex the next morning hurt so bad but was still amazing. She was an amazing person and I'll always remember time spent with her." - Male, 34 

2. Enthusiasm Goes A Long Way

"Best sex was with a partner who showed a lot of enthusiasm for sex and my pleasure in general. There was no pressure to orgasm (though I always did). We'd fool around off and on for hours. We just enjoyed each other's bodies and got off on each other's pleasure. I miss that kind of sex."- Female, 28

3. Never too Late for Anything

"The best sex I ever had was with my first time I had sex with my now husband. I had been in 3 long term relationships until then and sex was mediocre. I never had much fun and couldn't orgasm very often. I was upset but figured that it was like that with everyone and I just had to suck it up. The first time we had sex was in his living room. After 5 months of dating and teasing. It was slightly desperate and intense. No one had felt so good until then. Not even 5 minutes into slow intense thrusts and I felt my orgasm getting close. In my mind, a bunch of red lights flashed and my mind screamed "HOLY SHIT YOU'RE GOING TO CUM FROM MISSIONARY POSITION!" (which had never happened, I was 27) and sure enough, I came. I was mind blown." - Female, 36

Never too Late for Anything

 4. Sometimes it's Best to Just Let Go

"I'm usually very self conscious about my appearance and skills, never had negative feedback or anything but always felt that way. Anyways, went home with a newish friend of mine one night who was not my usual type at all, but it made me feel, comfortable. So I just let loose and thought 'fuck it, let's go to town', no worrying about what you look like bent over, no holding back. Best sex ever and the experience dramatically improved things ever since." - Female, 39

Feel Comfortable

5. Best Friend Sex

"Girlfriend (future wife) and I rented a hotel because we were both living at home. That poor bed and chair in the corner never knew what him them. Best sex ever with my best friend." - Male, 31

Friend Sex

6. Online Encounters

"Actually a lady from Reddit. We both had posted NSFW pictures and only really knew what each other looked from the shoulders down. We chatted and got along, so we met for ice cream. She was really cute, so I'm glad I took the risk. Couple of dates later and she was basically a perfect match for me sexually. There were no limits between us, each gave and took from the other, never having enough. It was also the first time for me to experiment with sex toys with a partner." - Male, 23


7. Reclamation Sex

"My husband and I are swingers, so the group sex is fun, but the best sex is "reclamation sex". That's when you go home afterwards and have sex and you're still super turned on and want to remind your partner that you're still their number one. There is something primal to it, but it also has a very high level of emotional intimacy too. It's amazing." - Female, 29

Reclamation Sex

8. Romance & Reconnection

"Probably a few months ago while on a "work vacation" with my wife. We both work 50-60 hours a week, and sometimes at night we just want to get to bed. On this vacation, the night before the work expo, we went to a really fancy dinner on the strip, enjoyed a drink or two, gambled a little, and just had a fun night. When we got back to the hotel, one thing lead to another, and then the full moon caught her eyes just right. When I saw that sparkle in her eyes, and the smile she showed, my mind just flash backed our whole life, and instantly I saw my wife as the girl I fell in love with when we were 16 (36 now). The next few minutes were just filled with romance and reconnection." - Male, 36


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