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period sex

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How often have you wondered about sex during periods? Did you ever stop yourself, fearing the mess or what your partner might think?

Twenty-seven year-old Rushali P thinks that monthly periods are one of the most pleasurable times to have sex. She also feels that women don’t indulge because their partner might not like it. Instead, she wants men to overcome their fear of a menstruating woman and join her in the bedroom when her libido is running high.

She isn’t the only one to think so. Another twenty-something woman, Mangala, would be okay with period sex if somebody took care of the problem with leakage, and her partner was on board.

“If we’re using stainless sheets or doing it in the washroom I don’t see why not,” she said. “I masturbate even during periods,” she added.

But people like Rushali and M are far and few between. Most cases are like Neha S who says her boyfriend is okay with it, but she feels weird about it.

“I find it messy. Extremely! Blood and smell. Both are going to turn me off! Never!” she said.

Majority of the women I spoke to think like Neha. To them, I’d say, don’t write it off because it is a moment when sex is most pleasurable, and your libido is right up there.

Maybe, what irks us about having sex when menstruating is how society shames this normal bodily function.

Imagine a situation where your partner (male/female) is okay with having sex when you’re bleeding, and you are the only person stopping yourself from trying something different. Would you stop yourself because society told you that being on periods is dirty, or would you venture out and take control of what you want in the bedroom?

Most things in the boudoir should be tried once, after all. You can always stop if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain. Moreover, having sex during periods can be like the first time you did it. A little messy, a little awkward, and you were somewhat sore. Sex or not, periods will make you feel that way. And what better time to do something that would give you pleasure than during those five to seven days of the month when you need an instant lift me-up? The “happy” hormones you release afterwards help alleviate the cramps.

If you and your partner decide to try it, here are some things that will make the period sex pleasant.

Light some scented candles for the smell and natural light or try lighting an aromatic oil like lemongrass. Keep an old towel to spread on the bedsheets and baby wipes for afterward. You can also try this under the shower.

Also, don’t forget the condoms because being on periods isn’t going to prevent pregnancy, nor does it stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Alternatively, try out stringless tampons especially designed for sex during your period.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that you and your partner are 100% on board. So ahead, and have some fun. This is what #realworldsex is all about.


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