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We asked, you answered… 

We realise oral sex (or even sex, for that matter) is such an intimate and subjective experience that it is hard to blanket every woman's opinion under one general statement. So we decided to throw out a few questions into the ether, and we were pleasantly surprised by the over 100 answers we received from Indian women. Here's what we learned from your responses!

1. For women, receiving oral sex is a bit of a hit and miss.

"I love it when a guy goes down on me as long as he knows what he's doing. When that's the case, I can get really intense orgasms from it."

  • Roshnee
“On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), I would rate receiving oral sex a 3 - that too if he’s very good.”
  • Sonal
“I thoroughly enjoy receiving oral because it allows me to have multiple orgasms. I find it very stimulating.”
  • Vishakha
“Oral sex is equivalent of amuse-bouche culinarily speaking.”
  • Priya

2. The trick is to get your partner to relax and enjoy the experience.

“When it comes to receiving, if you see he's enjoying giving you pleasure you can relax and enjoy it much more.”

  • Sonal
"I love it when my partner goes down on me, especially if we have time and it's all about making it comfortable and satisfying for everybody. But if i'm not able to relax and completely let go, it can be pretty boring."
  • Aashna
"Guys - take your time when you go down on a woman. It takes us longer than you to come."
  • Roshnee

3. Contrary to popular opinion, many women do enjoy giving oral sex.

"I love giving oral sex as I am very into giving my partner pleasure.”

  • Ela
" I like it, but it also depends on factors like how much you like the person, how hygienic is the said recipient of oral sex, how self entitled they feel to get one.”
  • Priya
“When performing oral sex it is all about receiving your pleasure from the act of giving I think.”
  • Sonal
"I actually like giving oral sex most of the times because I am in charge then and can watch my partner enjoy. And it feels good to see your partner relaxed and satisfied."
  • Aashna
"I enjoy giving blowjobs and I think I'm pretty good at it too."
  • Roshnee

To summarise, here are a few Oral Sex Do's and Dont's from the viewpoint of the women we interviewed:

1. DO familiarise yourself with female anatomy if you want to give great oral sex to a woman. "Guys need to study up! The clit is not a popsicle or a lollipop. It requires close attention, not slobber!" (- Mehek)

2. DON'T keep pushing a woman's head down when she is giving you oral sex. Real-life sex is NOT like porn. "My worst experience was when my gag reflex kicked in, and I puked strawberry milkshake all over my ex-boyfriend's crotch. He kept shoving my head..." ( - Priya). "My worst experience was when someone forcefully pushed my head and made me gag." ( - Ela)

3. DO reciprocate oral sex. "Give head to get head." ( - Priya)

4. DO make your partner feel relaxed and comfortable when you pleasure her. Give head like you mean it. "I feel more comfortable and enjoy receiving oral sex more when I feel that my partner is also enjoying it." ( - Karishma)

5. DON'T feel entitled to a blowjob. Talk to your partner about what you like and what your sexual desires are, and don't push her to do anything she is uncomfortable with. "I hate it when they just want to use you as a machine." ( - Sonal)

6. DO get creative. Try different positions and use warming intimate oils, flavoured lubes or accessories like blindfolds or handcuffs to spice things up. "My best ever experience was when my boyfriend poured chocolate syrup all over me and licked it off". ( - Karishma). "My favourite position for oral sex is 69. It just adds extra excitement to it!" ( - Ela). Accessories like blindfolds or handcuffs can add extra excitement to oral play.

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