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Beginner's Guide To Male Sex Toys

Beginner's Guide To Male Sex Toys

Looking for a beginner-friendly toy for a man? Our guide gets you started.

Here at Lovetreats, we take the age-old adage of ‘boys and their toys’ to orgasmic levels. Men’s sex toys can be worked into foreplay, sex or used for solo sessions (aka masturbation). Whether you're looking for a toy for yourself, or want to surprise the man in your life with something special, Lovetreats has got you covered. 


Male masturbators (also called fleshlights) are textured sleeves made of flexible silicone, which wrap tightly around the penis and simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. They enhance your sensations during masturbation and can give you mind blowing orgasms. You can also use them during foreplay with a partner to make your erection stronger. There are loads of variations of male masturbators in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and textures.

How are they used? Apply a good amount of water based lube on the entrance and inside of the masturbator and slide your penis inside. The material is stretchable, so it will fit tightly around the penis (suitable for all penis sizes). Move the toy up and down, twist it or make thrusting movements. Simply clean your masturbator with warm water and soap or a toy cleaning spray before and after every use. 

Vibrating Pleasure Rings

Vibrating pleasure rings (also called cock rings or penis rings) are made of flexible silicone, so they fit all penis size. Pleasure rings restrict the blood-flow to your penis just enough to keep you from climaxing quickly, and therefore help you last longer during sex or masturbation. They include a small motor which produces powerful vibrations that stimulate your penis and enhance your erection, making it bigger and stronger. Vibrating rings are great for couples to use during sex, because the vibrations stimulate not only the penis, but also the woman’s clitoris during sex. They are a great toy to try out with your partner and to spice up your sex life!

How are they used? Apply some water based lube on the ring, stretch it with your fingers and slip it on your penis. It will fit tightly around the base of your penis, without feeling uncomfortable. Switch on the vibrations before or after putting it on. Many men prefer to take the ring off once they want to climax. If you are using a condom, simply place the ring over the condom. Thanks to the flexible material, you can remove the ring safely at any point. Clean it with warm water and soap or a toy cleaner spray.

Vibrating Masturbators

Vibrating masturbators are perfect for those looking for an extra kick during masturbation. They are made of body safe silicone and include a motor or a vibrating bullet that produce intense vibrations. Some of them work like fleshlights with added vibrations, while others are designed to specifically stimulate the tip of the penis with strong vibrations.

How are they used? Apply some water based lube and slip your penis inside the toy. Switch on the vibrations and enjoy the extra stimulation. 

Anal Toys

Many men enjoy anal stimulation, as it is the best way to massage the prostate and so called P-spot. If you're experimenting with anal play for the first time, whether by yourself or with a partner, there are a variety of anal toys for you to try. Anal toys are made of body safe silicone, easy to clean and have a wider base in order to prevent them from 'getting lost'. Anal plugs are designed for easy insertion and are a great choice for first time users. For the more adventurous user, prostate massagers go deeper, and will give the P-spot an intense massage. Anal beads are another option, suitable both for beginners and experienced users. The variation in size of the beads will provide intense stimulation especially during insertion and removal of the toy.

How are they used? Apply a good amount of water based lube on the toy, and carefully slip it inside the anus. You can move the toy in circular motions or up and down for added stimulation. Thanks to their wider base, anal toys are prevented from slipping inside completely, which makes them easy to remove. Clean with warm water and soap or toy cleaner spray before and after every use to maintain optimal hygiene.

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