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Faking orgasms is the white lie of sex. I don’t understand why this is still a thing, in any case. If you are single and ready to mingle, isn’t a brilliant orgasm (or two or three *wink*) the entire point of the mingling?

It’s all about setting ground rules and breaking a few, per MUTUAL understanding. The entire concept of faking stems from your insecurities; What if he doesn’t call me back? What if he thinks this is hard work? What if I’m the problem? 

Really? If one of your fingers can bring you to a quivering climax, I hardly think a fully functional human being won’t be enough.

Singles know the dreaded platitude, ‘Don’t worry; there are more fish in the sea’. Seriously, do you want the title of your life to read – Finding Nemo? I guess not. So I get it; finding your Nemo and keeping him is a complex and far-fetched Pixar fantasy. 

But when you find him, wouldn’t you rather be honest and open about what you want? As it may hurt your man’s ego, that is a risk you should be willing to take and an effort he should be ready to make. Of course, most fake orgasms result from just getting done with lousy sex. 

Since women understand how easy it is to hurt a male ego, they let you down easily by just faking it. If you see it that way, it’s kind of sweet and understandable. They make your journey quick and easy. While it seems a good idea in the short run, please stop reaffirming that your partner is doing something right (when they clearly aren’t). So all your single ladies, keep swimming (and stop faking)!


Being in a relationship and lying about an orgasm is the worst. Is there ever a right time to bring this up? Or are you stuck in a dreary loop? The best way to deal with this is to act now. Discuss how you want to try new things and bring in change. That is the best way to go about it.

To conclude, the best way to deal with faking an orgasm is to not. #StopFakingIt #Really #StopIt

Written by Moumita

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