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Be spontaneous

Quickies hinge on spontaneity. Do you find yourself in a situation where you want to have sex with your partner but haven’t got too much time? Or want to try a shorter session? Be quick to decide whether or not you wish to see it through. The more time you lose in making the decision, the less time you have for some action!

Make sure they are in

While you might find the moment perfect for sex, it might not be the same for your partner. Find out if your partner is in the same mood. You can try sensual strokes, kisses and whispers to check their response. If they don’t seem positive, they are probably not in. Don’t be disappointed. There will always be another time!

Indulge in short foreplay

Once you know your partner is in, make sure you spend some time in quick foreplay. Foreplay – short or long, sets the right mood for sex! It might end up being no fun at all if you and your partner aren’t ready for sex.

Be creative

Surprise your partner by trying new positions or ways to make love. You can try quickies at different locations too. Try going oral! Or send a sexy message before you meet them. You can jump in the shower with them when they don’t expect it or in the kitchen while making dinner. You can also try keeping your clothes on and turning up the heat. Unexpected quickies can be exciting and spice up your sex life!



Plan too much

Don’t spend an afternoon planning a quickie! Follow your instincts and be spontaneous. Just go with the flow …

Cause hurt or pain

Women need a bit more time than men to get aroused and wet. Vaginal intercourse, when not entirely aroused, can be painful for women. Make sure that she’s ready and wet before you enter. Feel free to use lubes to ease the process.

Forget safety

Condoms and other contraceptives prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy. It’s likely that in the heat of the moment, you forget to slip on that condom. Or you might find it unsexy to interrupt what you’re doing to think about safety and contraception. Always remember better safe than sorry.

Forget to clean up

Depending on where you are, you might want to clean up after a quickie if you have an appointment or guests visiting.

Republished with permission from Love Matters India. Read the original article here.

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