17 Apr 2018 Ute Wiemer

We'll share with you some tips on how to create fulfilling orgasms using a vibrating dildo. You can always experiment beyond these, but here are the basics.

  1. Set the mood

Ensure that you have privacy and time. Find a comfortable space free of people, technology, or anything that may interrupt you. Indulge in the little things that generally get you “in the mood”; music, dim lights, porn, chocolate – whatever you need to begin feeling aroused. Space might be an issue in using a vibrating dildo in India, so save your solo session for the night or when no one is at home! And keep that lube handy, ladies!

  1. Begin manually

Before using the vibrating dildo, think of other ways of getting aroused. Warm up your erogenous zones with your fingers. Not only will this smooth your transition to the more intense buzzing of a vibrator, but it will also re-familiarize you with your personal anatomy. Pinpoint your clitoris, map out your vulval lips, explore your vagina – re-discover whatever feels good.

  1. Do a vibrator test-run

Before contacting your sensitive areas with your toy, run your vibrator through its paces. Vibrators come with multiple speeds/settings. You need to explore each level for a few seconds, familiarizing yourself with the different feels and sounds they each inspire, perhaps allowing the vibrator to buzz against your hand as a first step.

  1. Establish preliminary contact

On the lowest speed, move the vibrator slowly to the more responsive anatomical ground, whether your inner thighs or your vaginal lips. Get comfortable with this feeling before gently guiding the toy to explore different areas. Once you're comfortable, move on to your erogenous zones.

Follow these instructions and let us know how you feel by the end of your "me time". If you discover some new quick things to try with a vibrator, write to us!

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