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Getting Older, Better Sex? Hell Yes!

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Popular culture dictates that sex is best had when you're young. Think about it, how many sex scenes have you seen that involve two middle aged actors? To be honest, we couldn't even find sexy stock photos of a middle aged woman for this blog (apologies!). It's just an unwritten, almost propagandist rule that young relationships and sex among the virile sells and inspires. It is this high ideal that leaves millennials perplexed when their relationships don't resemble those on T.V. I mean, don't you remember your first few sexual encounters? Weren't they a little awkward? They most likely were! Because you just hadn't learnt the ropes yet.  Well, many studies reveal that sex only gets better as you get older and we've got all the proof you need.

You Just Get More Confident

On just a general behavioral front, it has been observed that humans get more confident in themselves as they get older. Our insecurities about our bodies tend to diminish, which helps lessen performance anxiety. Truth be told, sex in our 20s is largely about experimentation, trying new things and getting to know what you like and don't like. However, in your 30s, a bit of Zen kicks in.

Women's Chances Of Climaxing increases

As your age increases, so does your enjoyment for sex. In fact, an OkCupid study conducted in 2011 even found that women in their early 20s had about a 40 per cent chance of having difficulty reaching an orgasm, while that percentage dropped to around 20 per cent for women in their 40s.

Sex Can Get Wild

As we'd already mentioned, your confidence only increases as you get older. So, the odds of you willing to try new things in bed also increases. New positions and new ways of roleplaying come to the fore.

Your Awareness Increases

The experimentation in your 20s provides a perfect research field where you discern what works for you and what doesn’t. By the time you’re hitting your 30s, you’re well aware of your body, what it can take and what you like the best. Your awareness of your body directly relates to the way you enjoy sex, so sex only gets better as you get older!   So let the candles increase on that delicious birthday cake, enjoy every year as it comes and embrace who you are, what you like, and how you do it!

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